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10 Years Anniversary

Ladies and gentlemen, dear clients,

Our office is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in Austria. In this time we have reached a stable position and have won the trust of many companies, who decided to work with us. We would like to express our appreciation for your loyalty. The past decade was a time of very intensive work. We strive everyday to guarantee our clients complex and professional support, tailored to their individual needs, as well as the needs of the dynamic and ever changing market. We would never have been able to achieve these things without our highly qualified and experienced staff, who also work very hard to constantly improve their specialized knowledge of the field. The 10 year anniversary of our services being available in Austria is the perfect occasion to thank you for your willingness for cooperation , and to ensure that your satisfaction and success remain our number 1 priority, and that we will continue to strive towards this goal in the future. On behalf of myself and my staff, I would like to say again how much we appreciate the trust, that you have placed in our company. Your satisfaction is the only proof we need, to see that we are on the right path. We wish you the best for your financial and personal growth in the future.

Agnieszka Szuta-Dajtrowska and the staff from Vienna-Tax